Aberdeen Neuroscience Meeting 2017

Its that time of year again when I attend the SNG.  this time I don’t have to travel 😁 😎

This is some curiosities in the lecture room.

Now this year, the lecture was in one of the main medical lecture theatres.  Previously we have been in the veterinary school lecture hall (Edinburgh), a theatre (St Andrews), meeting facilities with a hot dinner (Dundee), a main hall on the main campus (Glasgow), and finally a lecture hall in the biomedical department, moving to another building for lunch etc (Strathclyde).   Below are pictures of the lecture theatre we were in:

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The programme is in the link below:

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This year was an interesting mix of lectures, but, this year there was a lot of lectures of adipose tissue and the nerves.  This year was about how the nerves speak to each other.  As ever, it was a good meeting.

Until next year



Interesting article

Minerals are essential for all of our bodily functions. They are needed for bone and teeth health for our blood, skin, hair, nerve function, muscle and for all our metabolic processes. They are foundational to everything we are as physical beings. All minerals are generally in a state of depletion in modern western people because our soils suck and our food supply is so compromised in a multitude of ways. Before withdrawing from psych meds it’s important to have some foundational well-being if at all possible so that one might mitigate severe withdrawal issues.

via Remineralization…a good thing to do in preparation for drug withdrawal (as well as for general well-being) — Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

The Narcissist has to be ‘that’ which measures (and judges) and NEVER that WHICH IS MEASURED and NEVER judged. — After Narcissistic Abuse

From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @http://www.amazon.com Their entire life is built upon this premise to find “good supply” to shore up their façade and they will employ the most devious means at their disposal to get it. So this chameleon like Narcissist […]

via The Narcissist has to be ‘that’ which measures (and judges) and NEVER that WHICH IS MEASURED and NEVER judged. — After Narcissistic Abuse

A Leaflet From The DWP- It’s About To Get Worse For Disabled People

Oh my ……

Same Difference

I spotted this late last night on the ATOS Miracles Facebook page.

This was sent to us from  an inside source on dwp intranet
From the DWP intranet page- watch them spin it as working for your welfare you’ve not got the skills etc to get work after years out of the Job market so these employers are wiling to work with dwp to
Enable those without skills to get skills. If you don’t comply we will sanction you, so tesco etc will get free labour again under the guise of being altruistic
When IDS said relentless he meant it. I can just hear him saying the above.

dwp intranet

Updated 2pm: Many thanks to reader Liane Gomersall who sent in a page of information about how Remploy will run SES programmes.

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