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Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

The best cartoon ever. I’m resurrecting this post today from the archives.


Thank you Robot Hugs

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When Psychiatry Retraumatizes

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Winds-of-YouthBy Laura K. Kerr

Before I became a psychotherapist, I often wrote, lectured, and blogged about damaging aspects of psychiatry. I am more hopeful now — not about psychiatry improving, but about truly helpful mental healthcare for people who might otherwise be labeled “chronically” mentally ill and forever take medications to tranquillize their internal demons. Since I began combining Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with CG Jung’s growth-focused theory of human nature, I have witnessed meaningful, lasting change happen without medications. I have also heard others talk about improved outcomes (both providers and clients) when trauma becomes the focus of care and joined with faith in lasting transformation.

But hope can be blinding (although it sure feels good). The following poem by Franz Wright, from his collection Wheeling Motel, reminds me the problem with psychiatry goes beyond pushing dubious drugs.


Being who you are is not a disorder.


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Air New Zealand Do It Yet Again With Another Safety Video

Interesting post about the new Air New Zealand safety vid. Is the going to be the norm?


Betty White, Air New Zealand Flight Attendants Robert Broughton and Breone Lay

Our friends, and one of our favourite airlines, Air New Zealand are no stranger to producing safety videos, in fact they produce a new one with alarmingly increasing regularity. The latest, dubbed “Safety Old School Style” features America’s sweetheart comedienne Betty White and a cast of golden oldies. Past Air New Zealand safety video hits have included the Hobbit-themed ‘An Unexpected Briefing’, ‘Fit to Fly’ starring fitness guru Richard Simmons and more recently ‘The Bear Essentials’ featuring renowned television adventurer Bear Grylls.

Filmed entirely outside of New Zealand, the video does hint at promoting their North American destination, Los Angeles, and interestingly Betty White says she had been exploring opportunities to work with Air New Zealand for some time. “Air New Zealand has a global reputation for creating unique in-flight safety videos.  When the opportunity came up to be involved in this project, I couldn’t say no.  We had a lot…

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Psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff on psychiatric drugs and children

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

From Open Paradigm Project

Interview with Joanna Moncrieff, author of “The Myth Of The Chemical Cure: A Critique of Psychiatric Drug Treatment

oppThere is an article on Mad in America, too, that Joanna Moncrieff authored where this video is also featured: The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs

More Joanna Moncrieff’s work on Beyond Meds

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