Recovering from Psychiatry- Reflections on Life, Death, and Suicide

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

This video explores life, death, and suicide from the perspective of suicide attempt survivor and ex-“Bipolar” patient, Laura Delano.

See Laura Delano’s Blog where this was posted first: Recovering from Psychiatry

lauraMore thoughts on how to deal with suicidal feelings on Beyond Meds: Conversations about Suicidal Feelings

The book Laura recommends in the video:

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Serious emotional side-effects of antidepressants reported by more than 50% (media release)

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

From the author’s facebook page (Professor John Read).

MEDIA RELEASE – 18.02.2014

ssriEmotional side-effects of antidepressants reported by more than 50% of largest sample surveyed to date

A survey of 1829 New Zealanders prescribed antidepressants, the largest sample ever surveyed, has found high rates of emotional and interpersonal adverse effects.

The abstract of the paper, just published online in Psychiatry Research, follows:

Background: In the context of rapidly increasing antidepressant use internationally, and recent reviews raising concerns about efficacy and adverse effects, this study aimed to survey the lived experience of the largest sample of AD recipients to date.

Methods: An online questionnaire about experiences with, and beliefs about, antidepressants
was completed by 1829 adults who had been prescribed antidepressants in the last five years.

Results: Eight of the 20 adverse effects studied were reported by over half the participants;
most frequently Sexual Difficulties (62%) and Feeling Emotionally Numb (60%).

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