Bipolar disorder and natural Therapies

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Bipolar addiction is an issue which former drug users inform Doctors and care workers about.

From what I can gather, the episodes of the mania and depression are concurrent with the drug addiction process.  Mania responds to the cycle of being “high” and the depression is the come down.  More and more, I see studies being done and showing that drug addictions are a lot to do with choices rather than a disease and “12 Step” rehabilition programs maybe just placebo as it isn’t addressing the issue at hand properly.

Under the “choice” method of addiction, the person is choosing to use the drugs as a method to get rid of the / or an emotional issue which is eating at them either consciously or subsonsciously.  The ex-addict is under this way of thinking is being told, what make you choose to do this? doesit make you feel better? and then the neurotransmitter changes on top of this.  I would suggest looking at this as quote often people hide secret hurts with booze / drugs / sex or whatever as a method to avoid to facing the issue head on.

What the bipolar brain looks like

The brain when it is bipolar has “cycles” which is goes through.  It can be Rapid Cycling, as officially defined as:

Four or more distinct episodes of depression and hypo/mania a year. But the original understanding was that there are periods of normal mood between episodes. In other words, the episodes were rapid, accelerated, coming faster, but were separated in time, with normal mood periods in between.

Taken from –  No further resource of this given on the site.

Thus is then taken as someone on January being defined as being OK in January, Feburary through to March being depressed, then in April to June being fine, July to August being hypomanic, OK in September, depressed from November then OK in December again.

There is another method of manifesting the bipolar (or bpd for short).  It is referred to as a Switch, and it goes direct from one onto another.  Described as being in mania in January and then it does directly to depression in Febuary to March and then you are OK only to get mania again in October and depression in November and December again.

This switching can come in two formats, you have the biphasic example as shown above, but, there is also another type called multiphasic and that is when the person goes from depression to mania and then it goes back to the depression state,  It is more vicious than the normal switch as at least there is a period of time when the bpd person has a “normal” phase, although multiphasic can end, there is a continuous cycle.  Usually a period of 3 to 5 cycles.

The penultimate one, we have another one, continuous cycling.  The bpd, (bless them for putting up with this type of cycling) goes as the name suggests, a continuous cycle of depression to mania then depression with no normal phase inbetween.  The worst bit about this type of switching is that it may have be long, short, mixed or having episodes of anxiety meshed in all this.

Last but not least, we have ultrarapid, ultra ultra rapid cycling or to give it its more formal title, ultadian cycling.  This form of cycling is when there the depression / mania is cycling within a day!.

For anyone with suspected or known bpd.  It would be a good idea to journal what you are going through to understand further what you are going through.  Also mention your meds (if on them) or your thoughts.  It should be a good help in understanding how it manifests in you.

Yet another picture of the bipolar brain.  This is what the Doctors would see in the brain of a BPD patient.

There was a couple of studies mentioned in the paper that according to Professor Goodwin of Oxford University had conducted studies on the size of the brain and also had unpublished results with him.   There was 990 people in the study who had bipolar and also 968 people who were “neurotypical”.  The research showed that the cognitive impairment of people with bpd weren’t related to what medication they were taking, or, their moods.  The size of this effect was not as bad as was first thought.  The unpublished data which was included in this study was therefore ensuring that there is a more representative model of those diagnosed with bpd.

A second researcher from Spain called Professor Eduard Vieta, which directly addressed this issue:

If there is impairment of cognitive function in some individuals with bipolar disorder, can we do anything to help?

The answer is yes.  The research they conducted was that the group in Barcelona developed a programme for BPD patients, this was in the form of weekly group meetings with the results examined over a 6 month period.  It was found that the patients had significant cognitive improvement from when they started out with a profile of cognitive impairment and functional impairment.

It seems with these two studies mentioned above the following can be summed up with:

Bipolar disorder is associated with cognitive impairments:
which are independent of mood state
which persist during periods of recovery
which are not simply due to medication effects
BUT which may not be as large as initial studies indicated due to the bias of unpublished data
the functional consequences of which appear to respond well to an initial trial of a new “functional remediation” treatment strategy.

Which can only be beneficial to people with bpd.


A look at narcissism

Aloha and warm wishes everyone

After writing the blogs about the selfies and narcissism, I am concentrating on this blog post mainly about further thoughts on narcissism.

Looking through various studies about this dysfunctional personality, one thing is clear to me as it is the onset being some sort of emotional wound they experienced.  It was so bad that they had to resort to manipulation of others to get rid of this pain and through constant usage of this “coping mechanism”, they seem to have done two things:

  • Changed the structure of their brain – the empathic areas of the brain have just withered away.
  • There is a mechanism akin to a drug addiction in operation in their brains.

Vamp psychopath

This picture is about how the narcissist takes your energy to get their “high” amongst other things.

Combine these major aspects together, and you will be able to see the reason why these “people” – I do that because they appear to be dead emotionally, do what they do to get this “high” they get.

A lot of people reading this will either have thoughts of, “Well, they can’t be that bad!” or listening to the media with sensitising things.  As I have personally been a target of a narcissist, this is usually where people switch off and say, I have no psychology qualifications and am not a doctor.  I do however have a MSc which has some social science and an intermediate 2 in Psychology and studying for my higher, I know it is not a degree, but I also have an interest in neuroscience and all this combined gives me a good base to have an informed opinion on this subject matter, both as someone who has been on the other end, and in the clinical setting.

In my next blog on narcissism, I will discuss the psychological research on this Class B Personality Disorder.  But this blog is about my own personal thoughts on this not very well known sociopathy.  To those who have been affected by the smearing and the general fall out of the predator aspect of narcissism – if you threaten them in being good at doing something or being well liked, then expect them to sabotage your career and make people think you are a psycho.  Just pure projection and it hits you even worse as you didn’t do anything wrong, just be a target of a predator who hurts to make themselves feel better.


This is how I personally felt about formally reporting my own incidence of this.  I didn’t ask for it, yet “It takes two to tango” came up.

I will go more into the psychology and science in the next blog.

Until next time


Do Narcissist’s Ever Self Destruct

The Walking Narcissists - The True Living Dead

I thought that I would write about this for whoever it was that typed that question into their search engine and happened upon this blog. Its an important question and I imagine the inquirer was searching for something to combat the Narcissist in his/her life, albeit with some desperation.

I can fully empathise because I know what it’s like to be disarmed so completely that your last line of defence is hope that the Narcissist will destroy themselves. Do not take “Disarmed” lightly. This word does not do any justice to the level of life sucking Narcissist’s do – it does not conjure up just how lethal Narcissist’s are. To have a Malignant Narcissist and/or Narcissist/s in your life means your existence is under real threat. Never, ever under estimate just how true this is.

Should the Narcissist be your colleague or any other type of peer, such as a…

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Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page

This government are becoming more sicker everyday.

Vox Political

Just when you think you’ve seen the lowest the Conservatives can go, something happens that is completely beyond the pale.

Yesterday a message was posted to David Cameron’s Facebook page from a person who said they were going to commit suicide because they had been wrongly sanctioned.

The response – from one of Cameron’s supporters – was as follows: “Well get on with it then.”

This serious disability hate remark has been allowed to remain ever since – on the Prime Minister’s own Facebook page, which we are led to understand is overseen by professionals who, let’s not forget, paid for people to visit it and press the ‘Like’ button in order to make him look popular, and who may reasonably be expected to moderate such offensive behaviour off the page before it causes any real harm.

You can read more details on the Atos Miracles Facebook page.


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