Narcissistic Family Dynamics – Playing The Hand We’re Dealt

After Narcissistic Abuse

Hindsight is an amazing tool for survivors.

When you grow up with a narcissistic parent, there are realities about our environment that don’t exist in a non-narcissistic household. These realities are our healing points, our own issues, that as an adult we realize require healing for us to go on to have healthy adult relationships.
playing cards

The narcissistic parent, incapable of meeting a childs needs because they conflict with their own, becomes the recipient of the child’s care and affection. The npd parent flips the roles and demands that the child be the sacrificial, giving caretaker. Of course in hindsight, its easy to see the error in this behavior, but as a young, impressionable child the modeled behavior has an impact on the things we’ll need to unwind and reparent later in life.

What this does is set us up to be the caretakers, the responsible ones, the fixers…

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Real Self-Love – 3 Behaviors to Develop

After Narcissistic Abuse


When we have learned to love ourselves either through, adaptive parenting, great substitutes or surrogate parents, God’s love, loving ourselves or learning self love through some other love from another source, we have the ability to learn the power and priority that loving ourselves should take in our lives and its relationship to loving others.

We have heard the phrase “love yourself first” ad nauseum and many of us can believe that we’re living this precept only to find weeds growing in our lives because the reality is, self love isn’t part of the equation at all.

Self Love has many shades and definitions, but the constant in its measurement can be found in the portrait which is our life – the living breathing canvas of all the decisions we make day to day that result in either a living life of integrity and meaning or having evidence of a…

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Secret jewels of the darkness

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

By Matt Licata

lavendarMany of you are in transition from the known to the unknown, and there is very naturally a lot of anxiety, trepidation, and hesitancy about the whole thing. Strangely, though, at times you’re feeling more alive than you’ve ever felt. There is a part of you that wants clarity, wants it to feel good, wants it all to flow, and wants some resolution to all of the contradictory thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You are longing for some solid ground to stand on. You’re tired and have been working so hard. You are cosmically exhausted. You just want some rest.

You very naturally want the path of the heart to feel safe, to provide answers to your questions, and to establish a new reference point for you to move forward from. But as an envoy of cohesion and integration, the beloved is not able to offer these…

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