Let’s talk about psychosis. Let’s especially learn from those who’ve been there.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

This report: Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia – A Valuable, and Free, Online Report which was featured on Beyond Meds the other day is getting a LOT of attention in the UK. This is very exciting.  Many are still very afraid to have this very important conversation…the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of people are at stake.

From the Guardian:

understandingIf psychosis is a rational response to abuse, let’s talk about it

There is something of a sea change in the way we understand experiences that have traditionally been labelled as psychotic. In our culture at least, experiences such as hearing voices or seeing visions have long been viewed by the medical establishment as unequivocal symptoms of mental illness. Treatment has tended to focus on the suppression of such “symptoms” using antipsychotic medication.

Research (often funded by drugs companies) has been largely concerned with the brain as a physical…

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