Lithium Carbonate (the pharmaceutical) is a dangerous drug

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Granted, everyone should already know this, but these are serious and disturbing statistics that bear repeating since Lithium is still touted to be the gold standard in the treatment of those labeled with bipolar disorder within the psychiatric establishment. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

lithiumA third of patients who have taken the common psychiatric medication lithium for over ten years have developed “chronic renal failure” from the drug, according to a study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.  (READ MORE at Mad in America)

I have known several people made seriously permanently ill. I’ve known people who’ve needed kidney transplants and I had a client, whom I loved, die from lithium induced kidney failure. I cannot tell you how much I loathe lithium…it’s truly a source of great pain in my heart. There are so many ways to support people in healthful ways!

By the way…

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Emotional “dysregulation” is plasticity

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

There is a brief update below as I want to clarify what dysregulation means in the context of this post. 

brainMy favorite MD is an unusual man of great insight who is also a scientist and researcher. This is a man who has never told me what to do and only supported my process by being witness and offering insights when and if applicable. I found him later in the drug withdrawal journey, after I was off the offending drugs that harmed me. I was still bedridden. He certainly saw the worst of the iatrogenic injury. He once said to me that those of us who have the most extreme reactions to the drugs are actually the most likely to heal and transform. He said the mere fact that we are so profoundly injured by them is proof of our highly neuroplastic brains. And while the healing process may sometimes…

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Booze, Cigarettes, and Emotional Eating – The After-No Contact Diet and 5 Ways to Change It

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

You implemented No Contact or have been temporarily discarded (because Psychopaths almost always come back), and now you’ve got Pizza Hut on speed-dial, a stash of chocolate that would make Willie Wonka look like a rookie, a beer-can pyramid that would totally impress the Dos Equis guy (or maybe you’re considering melting all those wine bottles down into cheese trays), and you’ve set off the smoke alarm a few times from the excessive number of cigarettes you smoked while stalking your Ex on his or her Facebook page.

cheese tray

Welcome to the After-No Contact Diet.  What?  You thought you were the only one?  Feeling a little sleazy because you go to bed every night with Ben and Jerry?  Take it from a former Platinum award-holder in dirty martinis, your conundrum is not only common, we could probably create a whole new demographic for the United States Census.

Now that you can…

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