Aberdeen Neuroscience Meeting 2017

Its that time of year again when I attend the SNG.  this time I don’t have to travel 😁 😎

This is some curiosities in the lecture room.

Now this year, the lecture was in one of the main medical lecture theatres.  Previously we have been in the veterinary school lecture hall (Edinburgh), a theatre (St Andrews), meeting facilities with a hot dinner (Dundee), a main hall on the main campus (Glasgow), and finally a lecture hall in the biomedical department, moving to another building for lunch etc (Strathclyde).   Below are pictures of the lecture theatre we were in:

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The programme is in the link below:

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This year was an interesting mix of lectures, but, this year there was a lot of lectures of adipose tissue and the nerves.  This year was about how the nerves speak to each other.  As ever, it was a good meeting.

Until next year