Aberdeen Neuroscience Meeting 2017

Its that time of year again when I attend the SNG.  this time I don’t have to travel 😁 😎

This is some curiosities in the lecture room.

Now this year, the lecture was in one of the main medical lecture theatres.  Previously we have been in the veterinary school lecture hall (Edinburgh), a theatre (St Andrews), meeting facilities with a hot dinner (Dundee), a main hall on the main campus (Glasgow), and finally a lecture hall in the biomedical department, moving to another building for lunch etc (Strathclyde).   Below are pictures of the lecture theatre we were in:

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The programme is in the link below:

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This year was an interesting mix of lectures, but, this year there was a lot of lectures of adipose tissue and the nerves.  This year was about how the nerves speak to each other.  As ever, it was a good meeting.

Until next year



2013 SNG meeting at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh

Hello everyone

On August 30th, I attended the 2013 Neuroscience held by:


And it was held at the new Roslin Institute, which looks like this:


I had to wake up early for this one.  3am!! and took a taxi into Foresterhill (ARI) to get the bus at the IMS.  So, I was about to go on the bus and realised my headphones were missing.  So when the bus was in Dundee, we had a stop in Tescos and bought a headset there!  £5 for a set of headphones!!  I got reduced Sony ones but they’re not as good as my ones.

On our way to the Roslin institute our bus got a little lost – City of Edinburgh Council, sort out your signs please.  We got a little lost and this IS a top research base.  People on the bus from Waverley station went here, there and everywhere to the old Roslin.  So we weren’t the only ones taking detours in the Lothian / Midlothian countryside.

All the talks were interesting, My favourites were Dr Rachael Jack from Glasgow University and her computer generated faces, Dr Akira O ‘ Connor from St Andrews University, Ashleigh Kennedy from Glasgow University, Professor James Ironside from Edinburgh University, Dr Silvia Paracchini from St Andrews University, Dr Laura McCulloch from the host university and Professor Paul Ince from Sheffield University.  I do a little something to say though for the plenary talks.  In Press 2010 for the literature for both of them?  Hmmmm.

Other than that the day was really enjoyable and watching talks given on a variety of topics, I was more than interested with the Inflammation and the Spleen after having a stroke talk.

I would like to say a big thank you to Edinburgh University and all those who helped to organise this successful event.

See you in Glasgow in 2014!

2012 Scottish Neuroscience Meeting in Dundee

Greeting and blessings to you all

August 31st last year, I went down to Dundee to attend the Scottish Neuroscience Group Conference which was held at the West Park Centre.

The Sadlaw Suite where the conference was held.

The Sadlaw Suite where the conference was held.

I was going down to the conference with the UoA bus.  Thank you to them for allowing me to travel to and from Dundee with them.  I had to get up at 4.30am for getting my bus before 6am on a frosty morning.

Arrived in Aberdeen to get my bus down to Dundee, been a while since  I was on a bus down to Dundee, so it was interesting being on the bus down doing through the traffic at Garthdee and getting around the city centre of Dundee.

All down in Dundee and we got our nametags etc  and we were in the middle of listening to another person’s lecture.  So we stood at the back of the hall with a mug of coffee.  So after that, I got comfy in a chair to listen to the rest of the day’s proceedings.

Before I knew it, it was break time and we had a warm cookie and I had a drink to kill my thirst.

Next it was into the next lot of lectures and the first of the visiting lecturers – Huibert Mansvelder from Amsterdam.  And his very excellent lecture on adolescent brain damage (via drinking or smoking), I enjoyed it!

Then it was dinner time, we had a hot lunch which was a lovely touch which is much appreciated than the sandwiches etc I have had in the past.  And then I went to look at the posters.

This is the inside of the room where the conference was. Very unusual and the snacks and meals were outside.

This is the inside of the room where the conference was. Very unusual and the snacks and meals were outside.

Next it was the next lot of lectures which covered a wide variety of topics – one which was interesting was the role of hyperhomocysteinemia (more information here) and how we can spot it when it comes to Alzheimer’s.  I know it can implicate CB2 receptors – More information here.) and then there was another break.  We had two breaks and the lunch time during this informative seminar (sadly, there wasn’t a lot of Cannabinoids for me! but the addiction lectures were more than making up for that!)

Three more lectures then the last lecture of the day from Dai Stephens from Surrey University.  There was some fascinating information in the lecture which I find interesting and I didn’t know about 3 times in rehab and it becomes more difficult to detox from the booze in terms of the receptors and as a result it can cause kindling (the onset of an epileptic type state but may not be actual epilepsy itself).

The lectures all drew to a close and we said cheerio to Dundee and my first neuroscience group meeting came to a close.

Roll on 2013 and Edinburgh as I would love to attend that meeting also as I have sort of left pure chemistry, (my first degree is in Chemistry) and in my first OU module I did, I did about addiction and my project was on Cocaine and the cannabinoid receptors which fits in nicely with the addiction talks of  the day.

2012 for me was a big year for popping my main conference cherries with the conference in Edinburgh and the Neuroscience meeting in Dundee.  Although I have been to the Aberdeen Neuroscience Meetings which have been rather excellent and I loved the afternoons I had at them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my aherm rather late review as I have been looking for actual photos from the event and I can’t see any, I had a photographer sitting behind me on the day.